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This is a really fun concept both in theory and practice, and it's a fun balance needing to micromanage the characters' health, actions and stress. Although I would like to say it's REALLY easy to accidentally make a character mad if you're not careful... especially when the heroes can give you some... strange prompts sometimes.
"Ah yes, hero, let's give me THREE healing prompts while MY WHOLE PARTY IS AT FULL HEALTH"


claim your ''i beated the game'' prize here


Is There A Way To Restart Instead Of Replay That Fight When You Get A Game Over? If Not You Should Add One

Love this game! It's such a charming little ride.

Genius game, from the art direction to the game design. Had an absolute blast playing this! This is gunna be something I'll be referencing in game dev discussions for years, I can feel it, hahaha

Fun game for a small playthrough. The art is gorgeous. Is there a secret if you don't kill the golden fairy or something?